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Subject explanations, flashcards, textbook solutions, and a study planner – we've got all you need to succeed in your exams with our comprehensive exam prep.

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Time to sit the SAT? From math to reading and writing, we know you have a lot to prepare for the SAT exam. Get ready and feel confident with our flashcards feature and practice exercises, all for free, all in one app!
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Is your brain ACTing up and making you feel overwhelmed for your ACT exam? Calm those nerves with the Vaia app! From math and science explanations to our nifty flashcards feature, you can prepare well and feel ready to take that test.
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AP-prehensive about your AP exams? Start preparing now to become an AP pro! We've got thousands of subject-specific explanations, flashcards, and exercises to get you there.
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Vaia is your free all-in-one learning app

Speed up your exam prep with the smartest way to find and create flashcards

With the Vaia app, you can access millions of flashcards and quizzes. Need to create your own? No problem! Our magic marker lets you effortlessly create flashcards from your uploaded learning materials.
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Save time by learning more efficiently with our tailored explanations

Whether you're writing your ACT, SAT, or AP exams, we've got thousands of teacher-verified, easy-to-follow explanations with examples and FAQs to help you learn smarter, better, faster, stronger!
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Prepare for exams with our anti-procrastination study planner

The Vaia planner, complete with analytics and a study timer, motivates you to study and keeps you on track to achieve all your learning goals. Let's go for gold!
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Feel ready to tackle your exams by sharing and accessing millions of free study sets

Explanations, flashcards, quizzes, notes – a quick search in the Vaia app will give you the ideal study set. Create your own set or simply add your notes or flashcards to an existing one. Easy, huh?!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to pay to use Vaia?

Our learning app is completely free of charge for you and will always remain so. You can sign up with your mail without any risk and delete your account at any time.

What happens to my data?

We do not share any personal information about you, your learning process or your email address with a third party. Your uploaded learning materials will not be shared with other students and you always have the choice to share materials with your peers or not.

How does Vaia differ from other learning solutions?

From automatic learning plans to creating and sharing summaries, flashcards and much more – with Vaia you’ve got everything in one app. You’ll see preparing for your exams was never this easy and efficient.